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Neurology 2050 Foundation

Our Mission

The foundation’s mission is to raise awareness about issues related to neurology and neuropsychology, promote the well-being of patients, and improve the treatment options for neurological conditions by supporting various research projects in these fields.

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About The Foundation

The Neurology 2050 Foundation was established by Bellevue Medical Group with the aim of promoting neurological, neuropsychological, and psychiatric care. The foundation is under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations of the Federal Department of Home Affairs in Bern.

The foundation's goal is to improve awareness about all areas of neurology and related fields. For this purpose, the foundation seeks to promote high-quality neurological care with the aim of improving the general well-being of patients with neurological conditions.  The foundation also aims to raise awareness for neurological, neuropsychological, and related topics through lectures, webinars, and various patient events. A further priority of the foundation is to provide information and advice to patients on questions related to neurological treatment options and to support patients and caregivers in their daily lives through various outreach programs.


The foundation also seeks to advance research on neurological diseases and supports studies and research projects in neurology and related fields with the aim of collecting relevant scientific data that could improve treatment options for affected patients.

Foundation Board

Prof. Adam Czaplinski

President of the Foundation Board, Chief Physician at Bellevue Medical Group

Dr. Christian Westerhoff

Member of the Foundation Board, Head of Business Development | Growth Initiative Health at Swisscom

Magdalena Rijk Czaplinski

Member of the Foundation Board, Managing Director at Bellevue Medical Group

Dr. Daniel Zutter

Member of the Foundation Board, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at VAMED Switzerland

Doctor's Clinic

We continuously strive to improve treatment options for neurological conditions. Get in touch with us to find out more about the foundation’s activities.

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